Useful information and contact

The festival is organized by Association Arttakt : 37 rue des Panoyaux, 75020 Paris
Les Nuits Photographiques
: Atelier 72, 8 rue Vian, 13006 Marseille

In 2015 the festival will take place from 18 September  to 12 December  at Le Pavillon Carré de Baudoin, 75020 Paris – Opening Exhibition 17 September at 7 pm and 3 evening of screenings the 17, 18 and 19 September

Guillaume Chamahian : Direction and programme

Association ARTTAKT
The association is an association Arttakt Act 1901 created in March 2009 with the aim to promote photography and creation multimedia related to image. The association is actively working to create links between different structures and festivals, especially through the creation of workshops and exchange of expertise and talent across countries.
Arttakt is the creator and initiator of the festival Les Nuits Photographiques.