Edition 2013

The third edition of Les nuits Photographiques festival was a great success. Dedicated to photo-film, it took place on the 26, 27 and 28 June 2013, at Pavillon Carre Baudouin , in the 20th arrondissement of Paris.
A wide audience enjoyed free entry to discover the four-day festival: a quite unique programme projecting a variety of both fixed and moving images, a concert by Violoncello Octuor, several  DJs, a photo studio, portfolio reviews and an Open Show.
Many thanks to all partners, photographers and volunteers for this beautiful third edition.

Reburrus © Sophie Mei Dalby / First Prize Winner 2013

– 3,000 spectators
– 1 new place : the pavillon ” Carre de Baudoin”
– 4 evenings of projection and music
– 30 volunteers through out the whole event
– 300 files received from applicants from 16 different countries: 19 selected photographers
– 5 prize winning laureates
– 5 guests of honour
– 48 photographers in the programme
– 21 nationalities
– 3 DJs
– 1 violoncello octuor concert
– 31,085 visitors to the web site , from 127 countries and 61,668 pages viewed from February to August 2013
– 7,680 Facebook fans
– 27 partners
– 1 photo studio
– 1 open show
– Numerous portfolio lectures
– Photographic sculptures
– 1 Bar for professionals and directors
– 2 poster campaigns in Paris
– 15 articles in the national press and more than 50 others on the web press
– €6,000 of prizes awarded
– 800 votes from the public collected during the projections.

5 major players from the world of photography and image presented an original selection of photographic movies
– Magnum photo agency
– L’Ecole Superieure Louis Lumiere
– Panos Pictures agency
– Le Musee de l’Elyse a Lausanne
– Le Monde.fr

19 pieces of work were selected through an international call for entries and presenting during projection evenings. All the works presented competed for prizes.
For the third edition of the festival Les Nuits Photographiques 2013, the prize winners were:
– First prize: Sophie Mei Dalby for Reburrus
– The ”coup de coeur ” ARTE Creative: Alfredo Brant for Portrait de l’expatrié Click here to watch the movie
– The public’s prizes: Julien Brygo for Profession domestique / Pierre Javelot avec et Cyrille Lallement for Eidolapolis

The favourite photo-films presented at the end of each evening were: Crusade d’Olli Bery / Gods and beasts de Remi Chapeaublanc / Rear Window de Jeff Desom / Doxology de Mickael Lagan / Grand finale de McLean Fahnestock / My Favorite Childhood Nightmares de Marcel Meyer

– VIOLONCELLO OCTUOR: for the opening evening of the festival, a very special concert took place in the garden of pavillon Carré de Baudouin.
– LA DAME NOIR: Each evening, an electronic music session warmed up the atmosphere.
Les experts : Laurence Bagot, productrice chez Narrative / Olivier Bourgoin, directeur de l’agence Révélateur / Laurence Butet-Roch, journaliste Polka Magazine / Valerie Cazin, directrice galerie Binôme, Paris / Estelle Chaigne, programmatrice d’expositions / Matthieu Charon & Rémi Faucheux, directeurs de RVB books (maison d’édition, galerie) / Didier de Faÿs, directeur de Photographie.com / Guillaume Fontaine, coordination au Centre Photographique d’Ile de France / Frédérique Founès, directrice de Signatures «maison de photographes» / Marion Liard- Rateau, rédactrice multimédia et photo sur paris.fr / Laura Morsch, galerie du jour agnès b., coordinatrice du fonds de dotation agnès b. / Matthieu Nicol, fondateur de Two Many Pictures

In 2013, the festival and CBS Outdoor worked together for the third consecutive year to offer a new exhibition in the Parisian public space, using CBS Outdoor’s advertising panels.
For the third edition, there was two weeks display campaign from 17 to 30 June 2013! The choice to organize our outdoor festival in a Parisian garden, was born including the desire to show, to hear, and to share works of art in a public space.