Concept of the festival

The festival was born in 2010. It is the result of an original and novel idea to create an event in France that would promote, distribute and provide creative support for photo-film and multi-media works related to the image.
Photo-films can be seen in many different formats: slide show, stop-motion, time-lapse, Pom, edited archival images or Unidentified Video Objects.
This evolving discipline, which is a cross between film and photography, uses new multimedia communication channels bringing together photographers, directors, sound designers and illustrators…
The screen is starting to be used for researching and experimenting with image projection.
Since 2014 we opened up our programme to include multi-media works and installations with links to image.
Our vocation is to promote emerging talent, support contemporary creativity, help with the distribution of photo-films
and all types of multi-media works.
Our aim is to allow the greater public to discover works and interpretations by authors and photographers who scan the world and bring us a strong image of it in the form of image- related multi-media works.
We regularly collaborate with other organizations to create events outside the walls: Les Rencontres d’Arles, Le musée de L’Elysée in Switzerland, Binôme Gallery in Paris, Cinema Acte Sud in Arles, Yangon Photo Festival in Myanmar, The French Institute in Madrid, Les Rencontres Cinématographiques de Cerbère…
The program in 2015 exhibitions, evenings of screenings,  portfolio reviews, Live performances …

Last night of the first edition of Les Nuits Photographiques’ festival / 24 June 2011, Paris